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Agile Project Management

Project Management

Our approach to managing your project ensures that everything runs smoothly.

Our four principles to agile software development

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

A 5-minute conversation can be worth days of emails. Although face-to-face interaction is not always possible, phonecalls and virtual meetings, sharing a desktop online, can all lead to a quick and clear communication of the requirement or problem.

Working software over comprehensive documentation

The primary measure of progress should be working software. A most recent stable version is always available online, and using frequent face to face meetings and online project management tools, you will always be able to provide feedback on how the project is going.

Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

Software development should be an ongoing, collaborative process. Although requirements need to be taken in order to make sure that the developers have something to build to, and testers have something to test to, this should not be a one-off meeting, but a process, preferably between you and the developer.

Responding to change over following a plan

Things hardly ever go according to plan. Even with a perfect understanding of the requirement up front, simply building a prototype can reveal a host of new requirements. Often, the very act of building software can change the requirements. Building software is not like building houses.

We like to keep each element of the software development lifecycle simple, clear and consistent.

The Software Development Lifecycle
Requirement Analysis
  • Fact gathering
  • Collaboration
  • Visualisation
Project Planning
  • Resource deployment
  • Risk analysis
  • Task management
Design and Model
  • Functional specification
  • Concept build
  • Coding development
User Testing
  • Functionality testing
  • UST
  • Penetration testing
  • User training
  • Data migration
  • System set up
  • Ongoing support
  • Additional developments
  • Enhanced features

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